Kids Easter Basket Ideas

Kids Easter Basket Ideas

Kids Easter Basket Ideas 

Cute ideas to help you fill your child's Easter basket!

Easter is right around the corner. And if you are like me, a busy mom who doesn't have a lot of extra time on her hands to come up with yet again another gift for your kids than I have you covered. Here is a few ideas to help you come up with a cute Easter basket your kids will love!!

First you have to have a cute Easter basket. You are just in luck because we have lots of cute ones in the shop. Our Easter baskets can be used year after year so they are eco friendly. And these guys really hold up. These are the baskets that all of my kids use so I can tell you first hand that they are amazing. And if you want to get really creative we even have sand pails which make great Easter baskets. Give them a basket that they can use all Summer long!!

Now for the good stuff I always like to include some outdoor toys. Let's be honest the kids have been inside all Winter and us moms need these kids to be outside. So why not get them new toys to get them outdoors? My go to's are chalk, kites, balls, bubbles, sand toys, really anything your child loves to play with outside. 

Around this time of year I start thinking that I need to get the kids ready for Summer. They will need swimsuits and flip flops so why not include them in their basket? You are already going to buy them so why not use them to fill up the basket. You could even throw in a new beach towel or beach toys. You give them something fun and at the same time cross something off your list. 

Then I always like to include an activity I know the kids would enjoy. My oldest daughter loves anything to do with art so I always include some new art supplies. My son loved Minecraft so I found some activity books that I knew he would enjoy. My goal here is to give them something to do that has nothing to do with screens or electronics. 

And the last thing is Candy, Candy, and more Candy. My favorite holiday when it comes to candy is definitely Easter. Give me all the cadbury eggs, peeps, and jellybeans. And my kids definitely take after me. So I always am sure to include all of their favorites and definitely buy some extra for myself. They might be in a sugar coma all day but I can just send them outside with their new outdoor toys. 

Hope this fun list helps all of you busy moms out there. And Happy Easter!!

Stefanie Alfonso

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