She Shed Workshop (Part 1)

She Shed Workshop (Part 1)

When the year 2020 started I had lots of plans and goals for my business but in true 2020 fashion those all went out the window pretty early on in the year. 2020 has been just as crazy for my business.  Lots of shipping problems and having a hard time getting inventory but those are the negatives. Positives are that sales are through the roof and it's time to expand!! 

I realized in May that I needed more space and it might be time to get some help. So of course the most logical step was to build a she shed workshop in my own backyard. Most people probably wouldn't even consider doing this but I have a husband that is up for any challenge. And we are all for doing things that will make our lives easier and better and for sure this workshop will do that. 

This is the most logical spot for the workshop to go. I of course had to get the OK from my kiddos to move their swing set and they were ok parting with the sand box. Right here would be the future home of Alfonso Designs!  Of course the first step is to clear it out and build the foundation. 

Workshop will be 16ft x 24 ft. Here is the hubby starting to work on the framing of the walls. The subfloor is down and we insulated the floor because this is NH and we need as much insulation as we can get!!

Framing is all done, those roof tresses were the hardest part, super heavy. But the vaulted ceiling will be worth it!! It's crazy to see it all framed out, with all the walls and the ceiling. 

Plywood walls are up and the roofing was just getting started here!! You can see the cut out for the windows. There are 4 in all. One on each of the shorter sides of the building and then two in the front. The door for the workshop will be double french doors so I can get lots of natural light!! 

Here is where we stopped on the outside of the shed. The roof is on and looking great. And all windows are installed. And can we take a second to talk about those french doors. I am loving them!!  Up next on the outside will be some nice stairs and a little landing. As well as some skirting around the bottom of the building. Plus some really cute landscaping. But all that has to wait for the siding to go on. Due to the pandemic there is a shortage on vinyl siding so we have to wait for that to come back in stock, which is a little annoying but at least we can now start on the inside.  Stay tuned for my next update on the workshop. I will be showing you guys all the work going on in the inside of the workshop. 

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Dec 11, 2020


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