Why I Personalize

Why I Personalize

Since I have started my business over the last few years I have gotten the question why start a personalization business. I mean it's a good question, I was born and raised in New England where monogramming isn't exactly a thing, especially in New Hampshire. That is much more of a Southern thing. It helps though that I have lived in two Southern states (North Carolina & Georgia), where I really learned what monogramming was. But I think personalizing anything is a world wide thing, who doesn't want to get a gift with their name on it?? I chose to start a business personalizing items because I'm making items you can't just go to any store and buy. My items have been made just for you and no one else. Some of my favorite gifts that I have ever gotten were ones that were made for just me and I want to do the same for someone else. 

I wanted to have a business that made items that you the customer chose every detail of. You get to chose the items color, the personalization color, and on most items even the font or monogram design. My items are completely customizable to you and what you are looking for. It might not be the best way to run a business, to have so many options for so many items but that's what I wanted. I wanted my customers to come to my shop and know that the baseball hat they see in the listing picture comes in 10 other colors so if they don't love the color they see, they have other ones to choose from. I want every person that gets one of my items to love it and know that it has been made just for them. 

Every single item in my store is personalized by me. I don't have some big manufacturing plant that is doing all this, it's just me, in my home office. But that's what I love about it. I know that a lot of my items are given as gifts and that makes me so happy. I love that you chose my shop and me to personalize your item for someone special in your life. And if you didn't already know I put a lot of time and effort into making sure that every item that leaves my shop is exactly what I would want to receive. 
So this is why I chose a personalization business over some of the other types of embroidery businesses and vinyl businesses I could have done. Because there is nothing better than knowing that was something was made just for you!

(Favorite Thing in My Office, Hand Made Sign of my Business Logo)

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