About Us

 There’s just something about discovering the perfect present for a loved one. The only joy that comes close is seeing the look on their face when they unwrap their gift. And personalizing their new coffee mug, tote bag, or beach towel only makes it that much more special.

The Beginning

My love of monograms began when I got married. We received so many gifts to decorate and warm our new home, but the one gift I loved most was a decorative wooden plate that my great uncle hand made. He hand carved gorgeous birds but what really made it special was that he also carved our names and wedding date. Every time I see that plate it brings me back to my wedding and how much love I felt on that special day. That sense of nostalgia and warmth is what I hope to bring to my customers. It isn’t about the gift itself. It’s the new personalized pencil box or monogrammed backpack for a child going back to school. It’s the custom shirt for a new grandparent. Nothing pleases me more than knowing my personalized gifts will one day become a small part of their happiest moments.

From Our Family To Yours

Alfonso Designs is a small, family-owned business. We handle all aspects of the business in-house; acquiring vendors and suppliers, receiving products, and shipping orders.

There are several ways to personalize your items: 

  • Embroidery
  • Heat Pressed Vinyl Items
  • Permanent Vinyl
  • Screen Printed Heat Transfers

We love custom designs! If you have a logo or other special design you would like to use, shoot us an email with your request. Have an idea in mind but need help bringing it to life? We can help you design a custom logo. We pour a lot of love into each item we ship out and we hope you enjoy our gifts as much as we enjoy creating them for you. Happy shopping!




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